Mystical Symphony

Soli Deo Gloria
To the only God be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
(Tim 1,17)


Credidimus Caritati
We have put out faith in the love God has for us.
(1Jn 4,16)

Journey into the hidden and forgotten world within us — So that we shall have peace in HIM

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Personal Note

The work for this book started in 1989 in Reston, Va. where I lived with my wife Ursula and my sons Thomas and Johannes working for a computer company as an education consultant. After having lived for about 5 years in Reston, I had to move back to Germany. Shortly thereafter I finished the book in a previous edition titled ``Going Home To God''.

In 1994 some more work was done on the book, but due to my extremely little spare time, working now as a software developer, I never got the book finished in the updated version. Finally in 1996 Divine Providence provided the time I needed. In the meantime I got familiar with LATEX    and was now able not only to give the book a new flavor and a new title but also to give it a better `look and feel' by typesetting it myself using LATEX.

The reader might have noticed by now that this book was not written by a monk exclusively for people living in monasteries. In my job as a software developer I am busy a huge amount of time with very worldly things. Everybody knows that in the world of computers everything changes so quickly that it is hard to keep up with all these changes, even as a end-user of computers. How much more is this true for a person having to do with computer science on a professional basis. But all these connections with the exterior world cannot keep me from trying to listen to the ``mystical symphony'' and from putting this book together.

So I am encouraging all people who are busy in this world to embark on that journey to the inner core of your own being whenever you can. Start to discover the hidden treasures waiting for you and become part of that ``mystical symphony''. Your reward will be great, not to be measured with money and gold. Start to discover the better part of your being, your life ``that is hidden with Christ in God.''(Col3,3). Then you will be rewarded with the fruit of the Spirit, which is ``love, joy, peace...'' (Ga5,22).

With all the noisy world around us and maybe even in us let us still try to find a quiet place at least once a day and listen to that knocking at the door: ``Here I stand knocking at the door. If anyone hears Me calling and opens the door, I will enter his house and have supper with him, and he with Me.'' (Rv3,20)

In all my thoughts and my work to put this book together I was inspired and guided by my personal motto taken from the Sacred Scripture:

``We have put our faith in the love God has for us''. (1Jn4,16)

But I also had the goal of my work in mind, which is expressed by the motto of the Carthusians, which was used as sub-title for this book:


``For the Only God!'' (1Tm1,17).

My wife, my two sons and myself had the grace of a close friendship with monks of the Charterhouse La Valsainte in Switzerland over many years and are witnesses of a supernatural beauty that God can bestow upon people that have only one thing in mind: SOLI DEO.

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Georg Loczewski 2009-02-18