Mystical Symphony

Soli Deo Gloria
To the only God be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
(Tim 1,17)


Credidimus Caritati
We have put out faith in the love God has for us.
(1Jn 4,16)

Journey into the hidden and forgotten world within us — So that we shall have peace in HIM

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Purpose of ``Mystical Symphony''

``Mystical Symphony'' is a book that is intended to be a companion to meditation as well as to mystical contemplation.

The word ``Symphony'' is used in the title, because the author thinks that meditation and contemplation have a lot in common with music. In a musical symphony the different instruments produce tones and overtones that are in resonance with each other, representing a gigantic masterpiece of beauty and harmony.

In meditation we are trying to put ourselves in resonance with the inner world.

In contemplation we are at resonance with the inner world. In such a state we will also experience great beauty and harmony. If we reach the deepest core of this inner world in our contemplation, we will be in complete resonance and harmony with Oneness, with Truth, with Goodness and Love, with Beauty, with Infinity and with Eternity. This however means, as we will see later in Movement Alpha, that we will be one with God.

The word ``Mystical'' is used because the inner world is hidden from our physical organs: the eyes and the ears, the organs for smelling, tasting and touching.

Many people are used to exclusively focus their attention on the exterior world, i.e. on anything that can be grasped with the physical organs. Such a focus is of course necessary to fulfill many functions in our every-day lives. However, if this is the only focus that we allow us to have, we are depriving us from the most precious moments in our lives: the experience of extreme peace, harmony and beauty. This book is an invitation to music, an invitation to listen to the sounds that come from the deepest core of our own being: the ``mystical symphony''.

Such a symphony cannot be man-made. A man-made symphony could never claim to be in complete resonance with something that is not human but rather God Himself. For that reason the author of this book, totally convinced of his own incompetence in this matter, takes refuge to God revealing Himself in the ``Word of God''.

To listen to the ``mystical symphony'' is not difficult. It is only necessary to open ourselves in humility and confidence, like a little child, to the loving God who is always there. To read and to meditate the passages from the Sacred Scripture with a humble and trusting heart is all we have to do. God will do the rest: ``Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it.'' (Ps81,11). It is very important to note that an intellectual research activity from our side would not help at all. We would never be able to even hear a faint tone of the ``mystical symphony'': ``Unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven'' (Mt18,2).

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Georg Loczewski 2009-02-18